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Landry hauls in a big catfish

Last Friday Elijah, Landry and I decided to take the boat out on the Juniata to see if we could catch a stringer full of panfish.  Of course, while we were out there, we’d stay a while after dark and see if there were any catfish around.  As it turned out, the bluegill and rock bass were not cooperative.  The bite was slow and the fist were mostly too small to be worth taking home.

Once it got dark, our bad luck continued with a number of dinky bullhead catfish.  Then Landry’s rod bent over.  By the time he got it up to the boat several minutes later, we knew it was a good fish.  It turned out to be a 25.5 inch channel catfish, probably 7 or 8 pounds. After years of fishing the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River, my personal best catfish there is still just 24 inches, so Landry did pretty well for his second time out for catfish on that river.

Fishing on Grand Lake St. Marys

We recently spent a weekend at our annual family camp-out at Grand Lake St Marys in Ohio.  As usual, we found some time to do a little fishing as well. This year the bullheads were out in force and usually finding our bait before the channel catfish had a chance.  We did manage to catch two small channel catfish in addition to bullheads.  One of those was caught on chicken liver and the other on one-half of a creek chub.