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Trout fishing with camera glasses  

Pivothead Recon camera glasses

Pivothead Recon glasses

My friend recently purchased some Pivothead Recon camera glasses. He loaned them to me for a week, so I decided to try them out by taking them with me while trout fishing on Big Cove Creek. This was my first time fishing for trout, unless you count helping the kids catch trout last Saturday or my steelhead fishing trip to Erie last fall.

I ended up catching a 12-inch rainbow trout soon after I arrived. That catch I was able to record on the glasses, at least mostly. I found it a bit challenging to keep the camera pointed in the right direction. The other challenge with camera glasses is keeping the head steady so the recorded video isn’t shaky. Click on the video link to the left to see the recording.

My second fish came a couple of hours later and was a 10-inch rainbow trout. By this time, the battery in the glasses was low and I didn’t get it on video. The first fish came on Berkley PowerBait bubblegum 3-inch floating worm. The second fish was caught on Berkley natural scent garlic PowerBait.

20 inch Juniata River smallmouth bass

20-inch Juniata Smallmouth
The cell phone camera really doesn’t do justice to this fish. I caught it around the middle of April in 2011. A few days later I pulled out an even larger 21-inch smallmouth from the same spot. Both fish were returned unharmed to the water. I’ve been back to that spot every April since then hoping I could have the same luck again. Maybe 2014 will be the year I hook into another big one!

Skunked at the Raystown Lake dam

Pavillion on Raystown dam

Pavillion on Raystown dam

For the last several winters, Elijah and I have made a trip the Raystown dam to fish for rock bass.  For one reason or another, these fish congregate in the channel below the power plant in the winter.  During the day you can normally see the bottom of the channel, and there are no fish in site. However, once darkness falls, a strong flashlight can reveal many rock bass just a few feet from the shore.  At least, that’s how it usually is.  This time, it took a fair amount of searching to even catch sight of a fish, and it proved nearly impossible to get one on the hook.  Elijah was able to coax a couple of them into biting, but neither of us were able to hook one.  So for the first time ever, our wintertime trip to the Raystown Lake dam produced nothing. Was our visit too late in the year?  Has the secret of the rock bass below the dam spread to the point where the location is over fished?  We don’t really know, but I suppose it was good to get the lines wet again. If you want to see what fishing below the dam is all about, you can watch the video from last year’s trip. Oh yeah, that fish in the picture is false advertising – it was one of last year’s catch.