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Running Scenes of 2017

The nice thing about running is that you get to see a lot of scenery along the way.  Here is a gallery of my favorite photos from 2017. I have also compiled them into a desktop theme pack for Windows 10, if you’d like to use these photos as your desktop background.  Click here to download the theme pack.

Camping Along the Juniata River

We had a great time this weekend tent camping along the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River near the town of Hopewell.   Landry, Camden, and I had camped at the same location for a night last year, but this time the whole family went.  We were also joined by Seth & Jennifer Elliot and their family.  My only complaint was that it wasn’t long enough.

We got there in time for some hot dogs over the fire on Friday afternoon, and then some of us took a canoe upstream to my favorite fishing spot.  Landry and I did the majority of the fishing.  Between the two of us we pulled in about 25 bluegill in an hour or two.  That made for a great bedtime snack after we got back to the campsite.

We headed for home after breakfast the next morning.