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Trout Season Begins

As usual, the boys were looking forward to the beginning of trout season. The Pennsylvania counties are separated into two regions with each of those having a separate opening day. Trout season in the southeastern counties starts two weeks prior to the season in the rest of the state. Also, in both regions there is a Mentored Youth Day as well, which is the Saturday before trout season begins. We are lucky enough to live close to the dividing line between these two regions, so we can easy participate in the mentored and opening days in both regions. Here are a few photos and videos of some of the catches and scenery we got to enjoy the last few weeks.

First day of trout fishing

I’ve been an avid fisherman for several years, but I mostly target catfish, panfish, and a few bass. For some reason I have not had a lot of interest in trout fishing. That changed last fall when two of my friends invited me to go with them to Erie, PA and fish for steelhead. It was like learning to fish all over again. However, I decided to put some of the experience to use and go trout fishing.

On opening day in Fulton county the creeks are very crowded, so instead of fishing myself I took my three sons down to Big Cove Tannery to fish near the hatchery at the area designated for children only. It was a learning experience, but Landry and Camden each came home with their first trout. Click below to watch the video.

A visit to the fish hatchery

A couple days ago the family and I were looking for something to do in the evening to enjoy the spring weather. We decided to pay a visit the fish hatchery in Big Cove Tannery, PA. We were disappointed that the fish food vending machines didn’t have any food for the kids to feed the fish, but it was still worth the trip. Makes me think it’s time to get the line wet soon.