Camden’s First Catfish @ Dam 5 on the Upper Potomac

Last Friday morning I took Landry and Camden down to Dam 5 on the upper Potomac River.  The goal was to give Camden the opportunity to catch his first channel catfish.  As usual, I had my camera on the tripod with the goal of making a video to remember it all by.   On the first goal, we were successful.  After pulling in a couple of very small catfish of 6 and 8 inches, he landed one about 18 inches long.  Not huge, but decent for this section of river and by far the largest fish he had every pulled in.

However, all the video I captured had a major problem.  I had the  audio levels adjusted improperly on my new wireless mic, and all of the sound had severe clipping and distortion.  Thankfully, I didn’t discover that problem until last night, so at least the disappointment didn’t diminish my ability to enjoy our camp-out on Friday evening.

Nevertheless, I’m still seething about the whole thing.  I’m hoping I can throw together some clips, put some background music and narration to it, and have something to post here in the coming days. It won’t be as good as it should have been, but hopefully it will be something to remember it by.  The most important thing is that the boys had a blast. Landry caught a couple of nice catfish as well.

EDIT:  Here’s the result of my efforts to make a video without including the recorded audio.

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