7C’s Lodging in Flintstone, MD – a review

7C Lodging 9Cozy, Convenient, Comfortable, Clean, Classic, Country, Cabins.  Those are the seven words referenced by the name “7C’s Lodging“. I stumbled on the website for this property when I was searching for a place to stay near Cumberland, MD.  My wife and I were schedule to ride the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, and I found that the nearby hotels in Cumberland were either expensive, had poor reviews, or some of both.  So I expanded my search to surrounding areas, and I found 7C’s lodging.

7C Lodging 12The cabins are located in the very small town of Flintstone, MD.  It is conveniently located just a few hundred yards off of interstate 68.  It is about 15 miles from Cumberland and about 5 miles from Rocky Gap State park.

7C Lodging 7I booked our stay online, trusting that the photographs on the website were an accurate representation of the accommodations. As it turns out, the photos didn’t do justice.   We stepped into cabin #12 and were greeted by a faint “new home” smell.  This cabin couldn’t have been built very long ago.  Everything looked brand new.  There wasn’t a speck of dirt anywhere.  The handcrafted wood furniture showed no signs of use.

7C KitchenThe room was an L-shape, with the bathroom taking up one corner.   The main room included a comfortable king-sized bed and a kitchen area that included a table, sink, microwave, and a small refrigerator.

A TV was mounted high on the wall where it can be comfortably viewed from the bed.  Wi-Fi Internet was also available, although the signal was a little weak. 7C Lodging 3 This was somewhat understandable because cabin #12 was the one farthest away from the office, and I was attempting to use the internet sitting on the bed which was against the far wall. It was fast enough to browse websites, but not enough to stream videos.  The signal improved by moving to the kitchen area, which was the side closer to the rest of the cabins.

There were several other cabins on the property as well, and also several locations with sewer hookups that presumably are sites for future cabins.  Cabin #12 was actually one-half of a duplex cabin, the only one of those on the property.  All the rest were single cabins.

7C Lodging 5Other than the weak Wi-Fi, a very minor issue, the only other complaint I’d have is that noise did carry through the wall from the other side of the cabin.  Not enough that you could eavesdrop on conversations, but enough that you could hear people coughing or a loud TV.   My suggestion to the owners would be to keep that in mind if/when they build more duplex cabins.    Some kind of sound barrier would be useful.

All-in-all, 7C’s lodging lives up to its name.  We were very pleased with our decision.  It is very nice place to stay at a reasonable price.

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