Flashback: Our 2018 backpacking trip

As the boys and I make plans for the first backpacking trip of 2019, it occurred to me that I never posted anything about last years’ backpacking trip. So here is the belated story of that adventure:

Somehow the summer had gotten away from us, so it was the beginning of October before we finally carved out the time for a quick overnight trip. We started on Friday afternoon from Cowans Gap State Park. We hiked north on the Tuscarora Trail about two miles to the intersection of Fox Trail. We followed Fox trail down the mountain to Aughwick Creek where we found a nice flat area to set up campsite.

In the morning we retraced our steps on Fox trail, continuing past the intersection of Tuscarora and up a very steep grade to the top of the mountain. There we took a left on the Standing Stone trail. This section of trail was rugged with a lot of rocks to climb over, much to the delight of the boys and their friends. From my past travels on this section of trail, I know that there are also several scenic overlooks. However, the dense fog prevented us from enjoying those. Still, we had a good time. We hiked south until we joined Knobsville Road and then descended down to the Cowans Gap Lake.

Here are a few pictures from the trip:

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