Running videos to watch when you’re stuck at home

If you are a runner and COVID-19 has you stuck at home, here is a list of some great running movies to help you pass the time.

Leadman: The Dave Mackey Story

The inspiring story of a man who tragically loses his leg on a training run, but still returns to finish the Leadville 100-miler.

Father & Daughter Run 100 Miles

A documentary of Krista Olson, wife of Ultrarunner Timothy Olson, and her father as they run a 100 mile footrace.

Unbreakable: The Western States 100 – Feature Film

A video about the elite runners competing in the 2010 Western States Endurance run, interwoven with the story of the very first finisher of the course in 1974.

Spirit of the Marathon

This is the video that inspired me to train for and run my first marathon. It is the story of 5 runners competing in the Chicago Marathon. It is not available for free, but is well worth the small Amazon rental fee.  There is also a second installment, Spirit of the Marathon II, although I didn’t enjoy that one quite as much as the first one.


A Decade On

This is the story of a runner who would have won the Western States 100, but was disqualified after he collapsed near the finish line and needed assistance to complete the race. A decade later, he returns in search of redemption.



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